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Created: 07/09/2021 7:13 AM - Updated: 07/09/2021 7:19 AM

Thanks for purchasing "Bicoinmarket Crypto Script" The documentation will guide you through the script from "installation" to "how to use"

As it's clear from name, Bicoinmarket Crypto Script is the Ultimate script packed with tons of features which you will need create your own website similar to Cryptocompare and earn money from full auto pilot with multiple Monetization methods built in.


  • Operating System : Linux is recomended
  • Web Server : Apache is recomended
  • PHP Version: 5.6+ PHP Version: 7.2+
  • MySql: 5.1+
  • More than 2033+ Crypto Currencies Supported.
  • More than 150+ Fiat Currencies Supported.
  • Detailed Charts of Coins Prices and Volume.
  • Coins Historic Data
  • Coins Social Media profiles Stats
  • Cron Jobs to Fetch and Update Data Automatically.
  • Real Time Cryptocurrency widget to Embed on 3rd Party Website.
  • All Stats relating to coins are updated automatically without need of refreshing the page.
  • Built-in Price calculator to calculate coins prices with respect to other coins.
  • Live Trading data of coins fetched from different exchanges.
  • Add your own exchngely affiliate link to Buy/Sell coins. 
  • Two Different themes (Night Mode/Day Mode).
  • SEO Friendly URL's.
  • No Google Duplicate Content Warning.
  • Full SEO ready.
  • All Pages are Cached Pages For Better Performance and reduce load on Database.
  • Allow your vistors to Get in touch with you easily by using Built-in Contact Form.
  • 100% Mobile and smart devices optimized design built using Bootstrap Framework.
  • AJAX Based.
  • 100% Pentested Security.
  • Quick and Easy Installation.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Powerful Admin Panel.
  • Easy Ads Management from Admin Panel.
  • Multi Languages Support (Add/Edit/Delete/Update any language from Admin Panel).
  • Easy Admin Password Reset using Admin Email.
  • Easily manage all pages from Admin Panel.
  • Easily Manage whole Website from Admin Panel.
  • Easily Manage all Coins from Admin Panel.
  • Social Media Ready.
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • 24/7 Top Notch Support.
  • And More...

Want to see the Video Downloader Script in action?

Front end :

Admin Panel :

Login Url :

Username: admin 
Password: admin

Installation of "Bicoinmarket Crypto Script" is simple and easy task. Whole installation takes less than 5 minutes. Installation consist of five steps.
  • Download the zipped package form codecanyon to your local computer.
  • Unzip the package.
  • In the extracted folder you will find ‘’ Extract this file and upload it's content using a FTP client on your web server where you want to install the script.
  • To use the "Bicoinmarket Crypto Script" in a site’s root folder, (For example upload the files to the root folder(as mentioned by your host)
  • To use The "Bicoinmarket Crypto Script" in a sub-folder under your domain (for ex:, you have to upload the files to the sub-folder (‘ucs’)
  • After uploading the files goto the url : to install the script
  • Below is the step by step guide to install the script.

1.   Welcome Screen

2. Server Requirements

3. Database Details

First Create a database using the Database Management tool like "phpmyadmin" or "adminer" or create it using cpanel

Enter the required database details and click on the submit button. If the details are correct it will automatically import all the tables and values and move on the next step.

4. Website Details And Settings

Enter your desired website details and settings, and Admin login Details, and click on submit button to finish the installation.

5. Finish Installation

If you see below screen after all steps it means you have successfully installed the script.

Note : Delete the install directory after the script successfully installed.

Note : If you face any isseue with installation feel free to get in touch with our Support Here

How to get Facebook App ID

  1. Goto
  2. On the top right corner click on My Apps and then click on Add a new App button.
  3. In the dailog box Enter any display name and email address and click on Create App ID.
  4. On the APP page click on dashboard from the left sidebar.
  5. Cpoy the APP ID from the text boxes and enter it to the admin panel in API Keys Section .


How to get openexchangerates API key

This API key is used to update currency prices from the admin panel. Also you can manually edit and add the currencies from the admin panel.

  1. Goto
  2. Signup on the website.
  3. After signing in goto the dashboard.
  4. Click on APP IDs from the sidebar.
  5. Cpoy the APP ID from the text boxes and enter it to the admin panel in API Keys Section.





To keep your website with upto date statistics you have to configure Cron Jobs.

Last 7 Days Data for the Sparklines

  • You have to run this cron method to update the data of the past 7 days that will show on home page in form of sparklines. It will get 20 coins at once and update the data and next time next 20 coins and so on.
  • You can set this method to run every 3 or 4 minutes.

All Coins Data

  • You have to run this cron method to update the coins data.This method will get 50 coins form database and update all the related values and next time it will pick up the next 50 and so on.
  • You can set this method to run every half or 1 minute.

Tutorial to Set Cron Jobs in CPanel:

Tutorial to Set Cron Jobs in Linux using Terminal: Note : You can also update all the coins and historic data from the admin panel from update data section


We tried to cover all the main things in the documentation. If you still have some issue or any question you can use our support system  and we will guide you and resolve your issue. 

If you face any issue regarding the script or installation open the support ticket and we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible

If you like the script , rate it , it will be appreciated  or if you have any feature request or suggestion share it.

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